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June is going to be a very busy month for me, so some orders could see delays in getting shipped out, so please be patient!  I have done pretty well with my orders, working around my work schedule at my regular job, so I will not delay any more than is necessary.

With this in mind, I’m encouraging customers to consider purchasing package 1.0e at this time.  For those outside the U.S., this package could arrive about a week faster than the others anyhow.  Customers within the U.S. are also able to purchase this package.  And to further sweeten the deal, I’m offering the package at $5 off the normal price for the entire month of June!

When you make a purchase, an account is created.  You will need this account to access any product downloads available, and this will give you access to the Vision BASIC forums where you can get some help if needed.  I won’t be offering significant help elsewhere.  All transactions on this website are handled by reputable companies, but I don’t want buyers storing their credit cards in their profile (so please don’t have that information permanently stored in your account).

NO RETURNS will be accepted due to the nature of the products!  This includes tee shirts, so choose your size carefully!  If in doubt, consider going up a size.  The reason for this policy is that software can be copied before a return is issued, and clothing can become contaminated by the buyer.  BUT all products that I personally ship out will have shipping insurance for your protection in case an item is damaged in transit.

Shipping for orders outside the U.S. tends to be very expensive, so an “economy” package for those outside the U.S. is finally available!  Check out the “e” package at the bottom of the list.  Shipping is included in the price for this item!!!!  If you live within the U.S., you can also purchase this package.

It is crucial that you IMMEDIATELY make a personal back-up of all files included in the package before using them!  I plan to provide a way for my customers to exchange bad disks and media for a low price plus shipping costs.  Bad media MUST arrive to me intact before I ship out from my end (contact me first before doing anything).  All packages now include a digital copy of the software (in the form of a downloadable “D64” file) which is only made available after your package has shipped (usually within a day or two, but sometimes longer depending on the package chosen).

Products available as “preorder” will be shipped out when all parts of the package have fully come together.  Typically, this involves waiting on manuals and boxes and however long it takes to make the disk copies.  I have a regular job outside of this business, so I plan to ship out packages once per week.  The “economy” package of Vision BASIC needs to be purchased separately of any of the other packages.  All packages are shipped separately even if purchased together in a single order.  Contact me if you are interested in a bulk purchase.

Also, please check the “requirements” on the main page.  Vision BASIC requires an REU of at least 256K (or 256K of free RAM in a SuperCPU).  When it comes to disk media, your disk drive is expected to be in alignment (and fully functioning, duh!)  Vision BASIC was designed to work with standard floppy drives and will attempt to load components in from the same device that was used to load the main program (and only from devices 8 to 11).  If you are not proficient in C-64 BASIC and don’t have a decent understanding of the C-64’s graphics and sound, don’t expect any tutoring from my end.  There are tons of resources out there to help you to learn about your machine. 

The lowercase letters after the version number for Vision BASIC (currently 1.0) are there to help identify the different packages.  All products currently have the same version of Vision BASIC despite the addition of this letter.

After you order, make sure to check your email’s “junk” folder from time to time for updates (since emails from this site are sometimes incorrectly identified as spam). 

I may update this section from time to time…

Please Read!

When you make a purchase, an account is created.  You will need this account to access the digital copy of the Vision BASIC software, and to access the forums.

An "economy" package for those outside the U.S. is available (package "1.0e") since the shipping to countries outside the U.S. is super expensive!  But if you live within the U.S., you can buy this package as well.  This package INCLUDES shipping in the price!