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Devices with REU emulation

ProductUltimate II+ – This cartridge is the least expensive option that I know of (in new hardware) if you wish to add REU emulation to your C-64 (up to 16MB).  It also emulates two 1541 disk drives, and has many other nifty features as well.
ProductTurbo Chameleon 64 – This cartridge adds up to 16MB of REU RAM.  It also emulates a 1541 disk drive (via an inserted SD card).  It provides video output to a VGA monitor.  And most impressively, it provides a 20 MHz turbo mode!  And it does a whole lot more!
ProductUltimate 64 – This is a great option for REU emulation if you have a spare C64 case and keyboard.  It provides everything the Ultimate II+ does (including the 16MB REU emulation), and more.  It also boasts a turbo mode that has yet to be rivaled.
ProductThe C64 – If you don't have a C64, then this is the way to go, especially since it's the least expensive item on this list.  But it's not always easy to get your hands on one of these babies.  It's packed with games and also provides REU emulation (up to 16MB).  It plugs into your television via HDMI, which is another great plus!
ProductYou can also search for real (but used) REUs on eBay.  If you don't find any right away, check back periodically.  Including the model numbers in the search (1700, 1764 and 1750) sometimes helps.  Also, I don't recommend leaping for one that costs too much more than $100 since an option or two above may likely be cheaper.  And make sure the REU has been tested!

C64 Social Websites

WebsiteLemon 64 – There is a lot here for fans of the C64, including C64 news, game reviews, and I especially love to visit the forum – here you can hang out with others who share your passion.
ProductMelon64 – This is a forum for C64 users with sections on news, chit chat, emulation, hardware, software, the scene, basic, assembly and more!

Stuff I'm Following

ProductMega65 – I've been following this project for a few years now.  It's been an arduous journey to bring Commodore's scrapped C65 project to life.  I think it's an awesome endeavor and I can't wait to see the final product!
ProductNew C64 Keycaps! – This is a much needed product for us enthusiasts – brand new keycaps for our beloved machines!  We have access to new C64 cases and motherboards, but no key caps – a "key" missing component!  Also planned are entire new keyboards.

C64 Hardware Shops

WebsiteRETRO Innovations – Home to JiffyDOS, uIEC/SD, Easy Flash, ZoomFloppy, and the X-Pander 3 Slot Cartridge Port Expander, plus they also sell a selection of cables, connectors and more!
WebsiteCBMSTUFF – Exploring the different menu items reveals a wide variety of products and new items are added regularly, so check it out!
WebsiteIndividual Computers – Here you will find a wide variety of new products for your beloved C-64, including the Turbo Chameleon 64, the C64 Reloaded MK2, adapters, cables, chips, joysticks and much more!
WebsiteUltimate 64 – Home to the Ultimate II+ and the Ultimate 64!  If you don't at least own an Ultimate II+ then shame on you!  Here you will also find accessories and C64 badges.

C64 Software Shops

WebsiteProtovision – These folks develop and sell games, hardware and other things for the Commodore C64.  Their shop includes games from several other developers as well.
WebsiteC64 Forever – This emulator raises the bar for C-64 emulation by including a snazzy graphical user interface and lots of games!  Other CBM 8-bit systems are also emulated.

C64 Programming Resources

ProductC64 Wiki – This is a great general resource for C-64 information!  I especially like to look up quick info on assembly language instructions here when my books aren't handy.
ProductCodebase 64 – This is an excellent resource for programming your C-64!  Here you will find tutorials, manuals, tips & tricks and more!