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Vision BASIC 1.0b

Basic Package


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This is the official “basic” package for Vision BASIC 1.0!  This package includes:

• The 318-page software manual
• The sturdy Vision BASIC software box
• Vision BASIC software on 5.25″ floppy disk
• Vision BASIC software on USB thumb drive
• A digital download of Vision BASIC
• And a FREE copy of The Spreditor sprite editing software.

The thumb drive copy will allow folks who have a C64 Mini or Maxi to run the software, and also those who own other devices that can read D64 files from USB, and the digital download can be used in emulators like VICE.  The digital download should be available within a couple days AFTER the product ships.

The Vision BASIC software disk is “new old stock” and The Spreditor disk is used but “like new” (it’s a free offering, so hey…).  I wasn’t able to remove the old labels on The Spreditor disks, but the new label covers the old ones sufficiently.  Both disks have been verified on the first side, though the Vision BASIC disk includes a duplicate unverified copy on the reverse side.  You are responsible for making a back-up of the software when it arrives.

NO RETURNS will be accepted due to the nature of the products.  The reason for this policy is that software can be copied before a return is issued.  BUT all products that I personally ship out will have shipping insurance for your protection in case an item is damaged in transit.  The digital download does not include the manual in digital form at this time.