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Vision BASIC 1.0p

Paperback + Digital


This is the official “paperback” package for Vision BASIC 1.0!  Compared to the spiral bound manual, the paperback manual has smaller print (10 point instead of 12) and is formatted to help reduce the page count.  It DOES NOT include the manual for The Spreditor.  All of these changes were made to help reduce the cost of printing, and thus the cost.  This package includes:

• The 180-page software manual
• A digital download of Vision BASIC

This package is intended for buyers who reside outside of the U.S., but can be purchased by U.S. residents as well.

The shipping is INCLUDED in the price for this product!

The digital download should be available within a couple days AFTER the product ships.

NO RETURNS will be accepted due to the nature of the product (this is also the policy of the company printing the manual).  The digital download does not include the manual in digital form at this time.

Paperback + Digital